Blush Pink - How To Wear It? | Fashion Tips

In case you didn't know, blush pink is going to be one of the top trends this spring and I'm super excited about that! I love pink! Back in the days when I was younger and didn't know anything about fashion I use to wear all pink everything. From shirt to makeup, earrings and rubber bands for hair. I was a silly girl. Then there was a time when I didn't wear pink at all and here I am today, loving pink again. I got back to basics, but in a better, smarter & modern way.Read more »


Many of you already know, I'm Croatian, and Rijeka is my hometown. It's a town where I was born and raised, and lived pretty much until I was 26. When I was 22 I first moved away from Rijeka, first to Milan, Italy, to study, then London, UK. But, after a few years I came back to Rijeka, lived and worked there until I got married, when I was 26.It's already been 7 years that I live in Italy! I still like to visit Rijeka as often as I can, my family, my friends, and my croatian home...These photos were taken ...

Fall (Autumn) Lookbook

Hello beauties!I was in Croatia past week, running some errands, and while I was there, I managed to film my daily outfits, that now I put together in a short Fall LookBook video :)You can watch my video here:I have prepared three outfits, they're all based on the military theme/ trend, that I personally love and wear a lot this season!However, I do mix it with other, more girly items, such as sequin shorts, dresses, and high waisted skirts...Outfit # 1Military style parka: Zara Dress: H&MNecklace: ZaraSunglasses: H&MBoots: ZaraBag: Bought in Italy, past Fall seasonBracelets: Soufeel, Bijou Brigitte, Stradivarius, AccessorizeMy silver ...

H&M Studio SS17 Collection

I'm pretty sure that by now you already know everything about H&M Studio SS17 collection. This one is special because it was available in stores immediately after the show ("see now, buy now" concept). New Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspired by the power of love, grace, strength and passion of ballet, featuring both womenswear and for the first time, menswear. Women's collection is a mix of feminine and masculine, with ruffles and romantic whites, as well as athletic and functional pieces with drawstrings and crinkled nylon. Pretty interesting, right? I'm in love with romantic pieces! Read more »

Vintage takeover

Oduvek mi je bilo zanimljivo da istražujem po bakinom ormaru. Volim vintidž stvari. Lep je osećaj nositi deo istorije, komade koji nose neku svoju priču.Read more »

Why I Gave Up On Having An Instagram Theme

 I'm never going to be a person with a perfect theme on Instagram. I tried it and I never NEVER managed to pull it off. Maybe I'm not that visual, but one thing is sure, I'm not going to beat myself over it! I just don't have it in myself. My goal is to inspire and teach others how to wear certain garments of clothing or how to take care of their skin. But I'll never teach you how to have a cohesive and simple theme on Instagram. I'm just not good at it and that's totally fine. No one should ...

Iz bakinog ormara #2

Before I start, I just want to say thanks you to all of you who left beautiful comments on my latest (and first) Grandma´s closet post (click). You are the reason why I´m so motivated to move on with this kind of posts and today I´m showing you another dress from my grandma´s closet. :)-------------------------------------------------------------------Prije nego što započnem, željela bih se zahvaliti svima na prekrasnim komentarima na prošli (i prvi) post o bakinom ormaru (klik). Vi ste razlog koji me dodatno motivirao da nastavim s tom rubrikom i, sukladno tomu, danas čitate o drugoj haljini iz ormara moje bake. :) If ...

Working Outside Your Niche | Blogging Tips

Having a specific niche in blogging is very important. It's something people will recognize you for. The bad side of writing about one niche is that it can feel repetitive. Best thing you can do is to write about other topics as well. You should expand, extend? your niche. I love to make it a full package for my readers. I think It's much more interesting for them to have a chance to read about fashion, beauty, personal development and blogging tips, rather then just about fashion. That's something that will make them stay longer on your blog.Read more »


Basics, basics, basics.. It's all about the basics! Smatram ih i statement komadima, uvek su sigurna opcija, ali uz dobro kombinovanje, drugačija!Read more »

Autumnal Outfit

Hi guys!Even though I still have quite a few of summer outfits to post (all from the past month when I was staying at my home in Croatia), and I refuse to make my peace with the fact that summer is coming to its end, today, for the first time this year, I felt the autumn in the air......and I wasn't depressed, but I was actually ok with that, I was ok with the time passing by and the season's change...The day was very nice, sunny and warm anyway, so I was glad that I was able to wear my ...

A word on layering

If you are trying to step up your fashion game, layering is always a good way to go. And not only that, layering garments on top of each other gives your outfit structure. Combine couple of simple items together and you will get not so simple, well structured outfit. Also, it will keep you warm. No matter how cold it is outside you can make yourself warm by wearing couple of warm

Evolving As A Blogger

Zajedno sa blogom rastete i vi. Učite važne blogolekcije. Ukoliko još niste stigli dotle, ja sam tu sa par bitnih blogolekcija. Mogli bi da ih nazovemo blogozapovesti. Sigurna sam da ste svi svesni onoga što ću nabrojati, ali je drugačije kad to napiše/kaže neko drugi.Read more »

Sunny Winter Day, Bright Winter Styling!

ENG: It was such a wonderful day yesterday, so sunny and warm! I couldn't believe we're in getting closer to December... I wanted to wear something bright, so I pull out of my closet my new cross pullover sweater, and paired it with my tribal print pants. I love the colour of this sweater, and it's also going to look great with jeans! Because it's a bit more lightweight, I'm going to use it more often in spring days...or, if the wonderful weather like yesterday's happens again during this winter!HR: Jucer je bio predivan dan, suncan i topao! Nisam mogla vjerovati ...

TOO OLD TO BE TRENDY?? (Behind the Scenes of My PLL Collab)

Find out how was I preparing for my PLL collab video!In this video you'll see the whole "behind the scenes" process of putting together outfits that matched Aria's style!In this video you'll also find out my thoughts on following the latest trends even when you're not a teenager anymore...Is fashion for teenagers only, or can any age group have fun with fashion & play with fashion trends?Check out my video here:from my Pretty Little Liars lookbook collab...Let me know if you enjoyed watching this video and what is your opinion on the topic I touched in the video about fashion ...


Maksimir u jesensko jutro bio je pokriven maglom i žutim lišćem. Jezera su bila prepuna ptica, patke su se derale, labudi su se pravili da me ne vide, a na kraju je sletio i par čaplji na otok preko puta.Ovo su moje jedne od rijetkih hlača koje imam, i ne htijući, završila sam obučena ko da se spremam na jahanje. Ogrlica me podsjeća na one iz '20-tih godina prošlog stoljeća.Park Maksimir in a fall morning was all hidden in fog and leaves. Lakes were full of birds, ducks were loud, swans pretended they don't see me, and at the end I ...

Styling chunky boots

Or should I say boots with chunky soles. This trend of chunky boots and shoes in general came back during the past couple seasons, but it's nothing new since we had the same craze during the 90s. I remember my best friend wearing those sneakers that looked like they came straight from the Spice girls video when we were kids. You can find same sneakers right now as well, along with some super pretty boots. I got mine since I do like boots with heels anyways, these are basically the same, only they are completely high, not only the heel.Read ...

Style obsession: Shoulder bags

Poslednjih par godina tašnice na rame su skoro potisnule XXL tašne! Svi su poludeli za njima, a nije ni čudo zašto. Savršene su veličine. Dovoljno su velike da u njih stane novčanik, mini neseser, telefon i ključevi! Opet dolazimo do zaključka da je manje više.Read more »

What To Do When No One Supports You?

When you are doing something in this industry, which is still in a way "new", It's very likely that no one is going to support you. I was dealing with this for so long. When I first started a blog, I didn't tell anyone about it and when people eventually heard about it they were mocking me or not taking me seriously. It's normal I know and others that support you always say you shouldn't care. It's so much easier to say that than to actually do it. First of all, I think it's always like that, because people are ...

Sunny day, red dress ♥

ENG: After a long period of rain and bad weather, today was finally nice & sunny! I took the opportunity to shoot this outfit post for you :-) This red dress is a new arrival in my closet, it was sent to me from Sammydress web store. It's a soft cotton fabric and the design is very casual...perfect for those "lazy days", red looks good on blondes ;-)HR: Nakon duzeg kisnog perioda i hladnoce, danas je konacno bilo suncano i lijepo! Iskoristila sam priliku za fotkanje ovog outfita! Crvena haljina novost je u mom ormaru pa sam vam htjela pokazati ...

How To Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like You Are Wearing A Costume?

If you are following me on Instagram you could see that I started doing series of the Instagram story where I talk about different subjects every day, from fashion, lifestyle to beauty. I decided to document them on my blog so you can always have an access to it. The other reason is that I talk in Serbian there and I think that subject that I'm talking about are handy and useful so it's better to have them here forever!Today I'm going to talk about how to style vintage clothing without looking like you are wearing a costume and how ...

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