How wide leg jeans came back again

Among many other things last two years have brought to us was also a not so unexpected return of the wide leg jeans. Fashion is, after all, cyclical and same trends always come and go (million times over). Experts on the matter say it marked an end of a 15 year old rule of skinny jeans. When I come to think of it, after the short period of supper flared jeans popularity in circa 2007., skinny jeans did really took over about fifteen years ago. I got my first pair around that time and I can still remember how weird ...

Styling chunky boots

Or should I say boots with chunky soles. This trend of chunky boots and shoes in general came back during the past couple seasons, but it's nothing new since we had the same craze during the 90s. I remember my best friend wearing those sneakers that looked like they came straight from the Spice girls video when we were kids. You can find same sneakers right now as well, along with some super pretty boots. I got mine since I do like boots with heels anyways, these are basically the same, only they are completely high, not only the heel.Read ...

Two step layering

Layering normally includes more than one clothing item, usually three, but this time I layered with only one wrap coat worn as a kind of an oversized coat. This was definitely my favorite coat during the winter, I wore it with so many outfits, mostly the ones with jeans and sweaters, but also with skirts and tights like I did here. Wrap coats are slowly becoming my favourite type of coats, you can really style them with anything and they will always keep you warm. Black is an obvious choice and it is the most elegant coat you can wear, ...

A word on upcycling

 One sparkly look because it's Orthodox Christmas Eve. . I got this bag couple of days ago and I really like the shape which is similar to a silhouette of a 90s baguette bag. The bag itself is a great example of upcycling in fashion, the top part and a handle are made out of zippers. Recycling in a world of fashion is often being criticized, since most of the recycled clothing items end up in landfills anyways, instead of being properly recycled and made into something else.On the other hand, upcycling is a process in which items are directly ...

Winter denim

 Some of the photos I took at the end of last year, with one of my favorite denim jackets. I love wearing denim jackets and they are not really something you'll wear during colder winter months, although you can pull it off during rare warmer winter days. These ''shearling'' denim jackets, on the other hand, can keep you warm and create nice wintry looks unless it's snowing or freezing. I got this one because it looks so pretty with high waisted pants (or jeans if you are doing that denim on denim look) and dresses. If you've watched Gilmore girls you ...


OK, not the first day of the year, but I'm wishing you an amazing one! Even if you are not in a holiday mood you can still have a great start of the year. Here's what I ended up wearing on New Year's eve, same corset I posted in one of the previous posts, only over a shirt. That's a great thing about corsets, you can style them on their own as well as with other garments. I was also wearing a skort, it's a mixture of a skirt and a pair of shorts (for those who didn't know), but ...

New Year's lookbook: deep blue dress

Second New Year's lookbook is this one with a deep blue dress that reminds me a bit of Yves Klein shade of blue (I wrote about that color ages ago here on the blog). Halter neck dresses are among my favorite ones when it comes to dress cuts, although this has more of a turtleneck than a halter neck top part. Bottom part if quite ruffled which is not usually my thing, but I think it looks cute here.  Happy New year, as always I'm wishing you a best year so far!Read more »

New Year's lookbook: floral corset

 Corsets have been one of the biggest trends at the end of 2021 and will probably still be huge in 2022. For New Year's eve you can pair them with literals anything, even a shirt dress. This one here is made by upcycling vintage fabric and that's why the print looks so unique and pretty. Floral corsets like these are one option, there are so many gorgeous ones in solid colours as well. There are also different cuts for corsets, this one here is more of a classic shape, which I like the most. Read more »

Caroline Hirons ” Skin Care – The ultimate no-nonsense guide” book review

First time writing an actual book review. Kinda weird, I must admit. My mind was all over the place, thinking how to do this. Not sure if this is the right way, but again, we learn most things in life through trial and error. So, fuck it. This book review, won’t be a classic book … Caroline Hirons ” Skin Care – The ultimate no-nonsense guide” book review Read More » The post Caroline Hirons ” Skin Care – The ultimate no-nonsense guide” book review appeared first on Belgrade Pixie.


Dok se izmijenjuju It’s the most wonderful Time of the Year i Little Drummer Boy, Frank Sinatra i Dean Martin…. i tople svjećice polako osvajaju sve tamne kuteve, nekako je lakše nadati se… Nek se naše nade ne ugase nikada i gore u nama kao ova prva svijeća adventa… Dva su vjenčića bila na našem stolu ove nedjelje. Oba su uradi sam. Više mi to uspori i napravi sam, uz “pomoć” malaca, ima smisla za ovakve stvari. Za ovaj napravljen od prirodnih materijala trebalo je dva puta prošetati do šume u potrazi za grančicama i mahovinom. Grančice su zatim odrezane ...

” Rustling pages” – New post format

Well, look who is back to writing ! Yes, me. I know… it’s long overdue. . I think I finally know where I want to go with this blog. Recently, I’ve also had a bit more free time, so It was easier for me to create content. After all, this is just a hobby for … ” Rustling pages” – New post format Read More » The post ” Rustling pages” – New post format appeared first on Belgrade Pixie.

Current trends I've been loving

If there's one thing we didn't expect form this year (and the last one as well) is so many new trends in fashion and hairstyles. Of course, fashion and style do always change no matter what and especially during the big changes in society, but it somehow looked like everyone is at home wearing couple of cozy outfits, instead, thanks to social media (mainly TikTok) so many great trends appeared. Including Y2K aesthetic which became so popular even Vogue is publishing articles about it (in print nevertheless).So here are some of these trends I've been loving and some that remained ...

The Body Shop British Rose “Fresh Plumping mask” Review/Recenzija

Back at it again ! . This time another mask is on the agenda – ” British Rose- Fresh plumping mask ” by The Body shop. So, let’s start ! . Novi post i nova The post The Body Shop British Rose “Fresh Plumping mask” Review/Recenzija appeared first on Belgrade Pixie.

Cord pants

Not the best thing to have winter weather in April, but it gives you a chance to wear some of those outfits we won't be wearing again until October. Since spring is my favorite season I really look forward to genuine spring outfits and all those lovely vintage inspired clothing you can't usually wear under heavy coats. I'm not so sure wether I did some outfit posts with these pants before, they are my favourite corduroy pants and I think my only pair of this kind. Corduroy is mainly a winter fabric so I wouldn't wear these without sweaters or ...

In the words of David Bowie, ” Ch-Ch-ch-ch-Changes ! “

Getting back into writing, well — It’s a pain in the ass my friends. To continue with this blog, and to keep my not-so-easy-to-focus brain interested in it, I’ve decided to make some changes. First The post In the words of David Bowie, ” Ch-Ch-ch-ch-Changes ! “ appeared first on Belgrade Pixie.

Nascence of a Brand-Becca Cosmetics

Who-WHERE-WHEN While doing an extensive research for the perfect foundation formula, former MUA Rebecca Morrice Williams from Perth, Australia, came to an idea of a makeup brand. With the help of Steven Schapera, her CEO & The post Nascence of a Brand-Becca Cosmetics appeared first on Belgrade Pixie.

Nutripure active-zdrav obrok za 2 minuta

Cao najbolji moji!Kako ste? Nadam se da ste dobro, danas je veoma bitno da se hranimo zdravo, u kakvom svetu trenutno zivimo dobro izbalansiran obrok je bitan. Volimo brze obroke, da sto manje vremena provodimo u kuhinji, naravno da volimo da spremamo za svoju porodicu i prijatelje ali kada zurimo i nemamo vremena za spremanje obroka dobro je imati u kuci ovako nesto. Predstavljam vam Nutripure active obrok koji je gotov za 2 minuta, moze da se spremi na 3 razlicita nacina i da bude veoma ukusno i lepo. Prirodan izvor proteina, vitamina i minerala. Prirodno bogat vlaknima sadrzi i do ...

O suplementima za lepotu i koliko su nam zaista potrebni?

Beauty suplementi su poslednjih godina rastući trend. Sve češće ih preporučuju nutricionisti, doktori i ostali stručnjaci kao važan dodatak brzom životnom stilu kakav vodimo danas. Čak nas je i čuvena Bobbi Brown ove godine, potpuno ostavila bez teksta, predstavivši svoj novi wellness brend Evolution_18 koji je ni manje ni više nego kolekcija suplemenata "for gorgeous skin, shiny hair, and overall glow". Posebno mesto u priči o suplementima zauzimaju kolagenski dodaci i imam utisak da se o njima, u poslednje vreme, najviše priča.Nastavite čitanje »

Moja priča o nosu, samopoštovanju i lepoti

Posao šminkera me je naučio da je za ženu u beauty industriji, kao uostalom za svaku ženu, veoma važno da ima izgrađeno samopouzdanje ili kako bi to jedna moja koleginica onako narodski rekla: "da si svoj na svome". Mnogi ljudi se bave šminkanjem i mnogi to tehnički dobro rade, jer kad se nauče određeni koraci gotovo svako (ko to želi) može da ispoštuje redosled i vešto aplicira šminku. Doduše više ili manje vešto već zavisi od iskustva, ali veština je nešto što se sa godinama usavršava i nadograđuje.Nastavite čitanje »

True Story, Pansport, Hero Super Shot, BioTea, Maximalium

Ćao najbolji moji!Nisam do sada ovo radila ali mislim da je ovako najbolje, dakle, spojila sam nekoliko brendova u jedan post, samo zato sto su teme slicne i nemam puno toga da kazem, nisu klasicne recenzije poput beauty tema. Inace sve se jede ili pije, pa nadam se da necete postati gladni tokom ovog posta. U ovom postu ocekuju vas sledeci brendovi True Story, Pansport, Hero Super Shot, BioTea, Maximalium, NutripureActive, ovim redosledom krecemo.Prvi su True Story brend, koji prodaje zdrave grickalice, suseno voce i povrce, mozete ih posetiti ovde na instagramu truestory.Srbija. Mozete ih pronaci u bolje snabdevenim super marketima, po ...

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