How To Style A Denim Skirt?

Proof that fashion never gets old are denim skirts. They were thing back in '70s. In '90s they got a big comeback and here they are! Better than ever. You can wear them for any occasion. There is variety of styles, so we got pencil denim skirt, flared, classic biker design, A line denim skirt and many more. You won't have a trouble finding yourself a perfect one. As for the length, you can find it in every possible one. From mini, midi to maxi. Yes, there are some maxi denim skirts. They are trikiest to style!Read more »

When Glam Meets The Streets

You know when you have one dress that may see too much and you just can't figure it out how to wear it? Well, that was the case with this one. I thought It will go amazing with graphic tees and heels. I was so wrong, it was really bad. I struggled so much with styling this dress and in the last minute it cross my mind to pair it with sneakers. If you know me, you know that I'm not kind a kick girl. I just don't like to wear them that much. I love wearing shoes, heels and sandals, ...

Incorporating Bold Colors Into Your Closet

If you want to brighten up your everyday outfit or just to add a little something to your style, my advice would be to color it. I will share a few tips with you on how to incorporate it to your style.Read more »

Overanalyzing Things | How To Deal With It?

I'm pretty sure we are all struggling with this from time to time in one way or another. I'm definitely one of people who do it often. Not in a way, that I can't do things, just that I think about certain things too much. I'm a kind a person that likes to analyze everything from psychologial aspect: why is someone acting like they are, whats the background behind the whole story etc... Same goes for analyzing myself. I will go deep in everything even if there's no need for it. Sometimes it's really killing me. It's making me feel ...

6 Ways To Make Your Blog Look More Professional

It's been a while since I published a last post with blogging tips. I guess it's time to get back to them. I wanted to talk with you about how to achieve that modern look on your blog. It's really important to keep your theme up to date and I will try to help you with it!Read more »

One Year Later | H&M Trend With Jelena

It's been almost two years since we first met, so our first shooting is a great celebration of our friendship and work! I never met a person like her. Common misconception in this world is that you can't really have a true friend, because everyone is your competition. I guess they were wrong. I found one! We clicked since day one. She was nothing but supportive the whole time. There wasn't a moment where you could feel bad vibes or envy. She actually taught me to be more optimistic. Read more »

H&M Trend with Ana

For as long as we've been ''blogging friends'' Ana and I never did an outfit post together. I don't know why, we always have so many ideas for collaborations and mutual projects, but we never actually pulled it off until now. We often do photoshoots together, but this time is different because we are finally together in the photos. An idea for this photoshoot came naturally to us

Florals X stripes

Mixing prints is always something I truly enjoy. Most of the time we think matching different prints is tacky and not so fashionable, but it can look so good and chic, and even simple. Stripes and florals are so easy to combine, mixing them can almost never go wrong. The rule of matching prints says: it will always look good if the prints are in similar colours. I can't agree more.

H&M Studio SS17 Collection

I'm pretty sure that by now you already know everything about H&M Studio SS17 collection. This one is special because it was available in stores immediately after the show ("see now, buy now" concept). New Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspired by the power of love, grace, strength and passion of ballet, featuring both womenswear and for the first time, menswear. Women's collection is a mix of feminine and masculine, with ruffles and romantic whites, as well as athletic and functional pieces with drawstrings and crinkled nylon. Pretty interesting, right? I'm in love with romantic pieces! Read more »

Overalls skirt

Me and overalls go way back. I was an avid fan during my childhood and my favourite pair were red overall trousers. Somehow I thought I need to wear them with my green sweater so my mum had to decorate it with red and yellow embroidery, otherwise the sweater and pants ''wouldn't match''. Because, you know, you have to match your sweater's embroidery to the colour of your

Dusty pink

Introducing shoes and bag I mentioned in yesterday's post. I just love the vibe in the photos, lightning, the background, it all matches the outfit so perfectly. And I'm kinda a sucker for that, certain atmosphere in the photos can really make them special. Bomber jackets are one of my latest obsessions and I've never had a one with floral print before. It so pretty and wearable, I


Following in the footsteps of other brands with its latest STUDIO collection H&M is taking a ''see now buy now'' approach. It's the fairly new way of presenting collections, where the whole line is instantly available in stores. So instead of seeing a fall/winter STUDIO collection we have a chance to see spring/summer and to also shop it the very next day. Runway premier of this

Vest on T-shirt

A little known fact about me is that I often get inspired by the looks I see in Vogue. Just kidding, it's actually not unknown, I think by now all of you know how much inspiration I get from magazines (among other sources). This time I saw a vest/T-shirt outfit that may be something we wore in primary school. Still, it looks so cool. If this combo is too nerdy for you, you can

Off the shoulder sweater

Is it crazy that I love rainy days? When I was little my sister and I couldn't wait for rain to go out in our little rainy day outfits carrying our enormous umbrellas. Well, mine was enormous and it had a wooden stick, which I found super exciting. I grew up in a house and can still remember the smell of the rain in our back yard. With so many nice rain memories I can't possibly hate

Favoriti 2016. godine

Baš kao i krajem prošle godine i danas je došao red na tekst koji čekate već mesec dana. Favoriti 2016. godine, došli su, ako mene pitate, prebrzo! Ipak, top top top 16 proizvoda naše godine strpljivo su čekali ovaj dan. Sa jednim izuzetkom, favorite nismo ponavljale u odnosu na favorite 2015. godine, ali baš kao i pre 13 meseci, danas vam nećemo pisati detaljno o svakom ... The post Favoriti 2016. godine appeared first on Beauty Bang Theory.

Moja kolekcija šminke – part. 2

Stiže i drugi dio moje kolekcije šminke. U prvom dijelu ste mogli vidjeti koje sve ruževe i sjajila posjedujem, a sad je došao red na sve ostalo. Udobno se smjestite i krećemo :* 1. GIVEN paleta– 48 boja, odlična pigmentacija i postojanost, najbolja paleta koju posjedujem 2. H&M paleta (Metallic shimer matte eye shadow) – 18 boja, 2 rumenila, osrednja pigmentacija i postojanost 3. Catrice Absolute Bright Eyeshadow paleta – jednom isprobana. Kupljena kada su te palete bile jako popularne, no dosta neutralne boje me ne privlače, stoga je ne koristim. 4. Maybelline New York Smoky Glam  (06 Smoky Night) – odlična pigmentacije. Jako ...

Fall Outfits

After a very rainy and gloomy day yesterday, the sun actually came through for me today so I could meet up with my best friend for a cup of tea (I sound so British) and a little girlfriend to girlfriend chatting. We haven't seen each other in quite a bit, mostly because of how busy we both were this past month, and now that we finally got that schedule free it was time to meet up.After that we went out and decided on taking some photos for my blog, so below I'll be showing some of the less embarrassing photos ...

Ponovljeni favoriti

Ako se pitate “kakvi sad opet favoriti, zar nismo čitali pre neki dan o favoritima”, skroz ste u pravu. Jeste čitali, ali o oktobarskim favoritima, a danas su na redu ponovljeni favoriti! Kako to ponovljeni? Pa lepo, Milica i ja se uvek trudimo da vam svakog 30. u mesecu pripremimo neke nove proizvode o kojima vam do tada nismo pisale ni u jednim favoritima. Kako ... The post Ponovljeni favoriti appeared first on Beauty Bang Theory.

Hello November

It's finally time for one fashion post guys! Below is an outfit that I wore today, so take a look

October Favorites

If I had my own YouTube channel I probably would have had a lot easier task of filling you guys in on my top favorite October products. But since I'm still figuring that part out and considering my options, I decided to just stick with what I know for now and make a new blog post for you.Okay, so below I will be showing and giving opinions on different products that I've used throughout the last 3 months, so read on

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