Travel Post: Zapisi o Zlatnom Pragu - Šta videti i posetiti?

Naše putovanje u Prag biće nastavak jedne davno ispisane priče koju sam vam predstavila u okviru Travel rubrike ovog bloga. Od tada se dosta toga izdešavalo, u međuvremenu sam postala i mama, pa je svako napuštanje zemlje zarad bilo kakvog turističkog putovanja postalo znatno komplikovanije i zahtevalo bi dosta planiranja. Pre ovog putovanja obišli smo još jednu evropsku prestonicu o kojoj ćete čitati u nekom od narednih tekstova jer jedva čekam da vam i o tome pišem.    Kako se ovo putovanje desilo još početkom godine, utisci nisu baš sveži ali oni najjači su ostali urezani u sećanje. Tu su ...

Wrap skirt

What many years of experimenting with fashion have taught me is that in order for your outfit to be interesting, you have to add something interesting to it (a bit of phazaz as some would say). Outfits need a bit of spice to make them come to life. No matter how much trend chasing and fashion research you do, it's just the way it is. The reason for this is the same as with all the things in life, even if something looks good on paper it might not look good IRL (in real life). Things need energy, as everything ...

White lace jumpsuit

White lace is always so pretty, especially on dresses and jumpsuit. This season we saw the expansion of white lace jumpsuits all around. The best way to wear them is, of course, as beach cover-ups. You can wear them over any bikini. Here I paired it with a yellow high waisted number. The one with long sleeves is maybe not the most practical option, but I did like it the most out of all beachy jumpsuits I saw. Only if the bottoms were a bit longer, I feel like it would look so much better that way. I think I ...

Embroidered T-shirt

Embroidery is one of my favourite trends and although I like it the most on denim it also looks good on other fabrics (and almost on every garment). You may have been introduced to this trend for a first time when you were a kid wearing jeans embroidered with cartoon characters photos, but it doesn't mean it's not cool today as well. :D Especially white dresses with embroidery, I can't resist them. If you are like me you probably already have that pair of jeans with flowers (that apparently everybody has), which means it's time to try out some other ...

25 stvari koje sam naučila za 25 godina

Četvrt veka. Čoveče. Kad pre?! Kada sam u osnovnoj školi bajala da vidim za koga ću se udati i koji ću auto imati, te dvadesete godine su delovale tako daleko. Jednako daleko sada deluje to… Више

Beach bag love

I have to admit I do love this new thing of wearing beach bags out of the beach. Well, it's not even a new thing, people have been doing it for decades. Deep down inside I'm really a super strict person. Someone who prefers wearing beach bags on the beach and sneakers only when you do sports. But, what's the fun in that? In the last couple of years I've been trying to avoid those

Mom jeans

Could any of us ever predict we would get addicted to mom jeans? Back when skinny jeans and jeggings were so popular no one saw the comeback of baggy 80s and 90s jeans. I actually wanted ones like these ages ago so I bought a pair of Levi's 501, but for a while I couldn't get used to wearing them. It's so weird to switch back to looser jeans after wearing skinny ones for a long

The perfect nude slip

With the increase of see through dresses we all seem to be buying these days, you must wonder how to wear them and not feel naked. I have a lot of see through dresses, some are flowy vintage pieces, others relatively cheap ones (aka made without lining) I bought recently. My solution is to wear a slip underneath. I know, this seems like it's hardly a new solution, even our grandmas

Embroidered jeans

Why does one need both embroidered jeans and denim jacket (as seen here)? I don't have an answer for you, but denim with flowers creeped into my life and I'm now wearing it any chance I get. Embroidery is one of those trends I'm not sure about. I think it looks so pretty, but I'm not sure if I like it because it's interesting or I really think it looks chic on clothes. Still, I

Overalls skirt

Me and overalls go way back. I was an avid fan during my childhood and my favourite pair were red overall trousers. Somehow I thought I need to wear them with my green sweater so my mum had to decorate it with red and yellow embroidery, otherwise the sweater and pants ''wouldn't match''. Because, you know, you have to match your sweater's embroidery to the colour of your


Matching gray and black isn't as boring as it sounds. I do it all the time and find it to be quite fun. Here it turned out to be a rainy day outfit, but it's not like I intentionally dress gloomy for rainy days. I don't even mind rainy days and I also don't think black and gray have to be colours for dark mood. Never underestimate the power of a nice gray sweater. Maybe you've

Friday vibes

Casual dressing really isn't my forte, so this is how I imagine a casual Friday outfit. The coat would have to fall into ''bloggers made me do it'' category, because I've been seeing many bloggers owning it and I had to have it. I'm really surprised with its quality, sometimes when you order fur coats online they arrive odd and worn out. This one is the perfect coat for early

Stripes X denim

My thought proces in spring like weather goes like this: I guess I need a jacket, well, denim jacket is probably the most apropriate jacket for this weather. I do indeed believe a denim jacket can look good in any outfit, with dresses and jumpsuits in particular. Aparently colorful stripes are a trend that's going to be huge this spring and as a stripe lover I use any chance

Dusty pink

Introducing shoes and bag I mentioned in yesterday's post. I just love the vibe in the photos, lightning, the background, it all matches the outfit so perfectly. And I'm kinda a sucker for that, certain atmosphere in the photos can really make them special. Bomber jackets are one of my latest obsessions and I've never had a one with floral print before. It so pretty and wearable, I

Dresses, bucket bags and bomber jackets

I've came to the point of blogging where I can't even remember whether I wrote about a certain piece or not. For example, this dress. I really can't remember if I wore it  in a blog post or not, but I have a feeling I did back in the day. This time I'm paring some of my favourite items, simple dress, bomber jacket and a bucket bag. And my newest boots, I can only say this type of

Jewelry that hits the nail on the head

Oh, how much I love to name the post with some interesting pun that's probably only funny to me. Seriously, I'm the biggest fan of puns. Anyways, from the title and photos you've probably noticed this is going to be one of those posts where I write, well, about anything that occupies my mind right now. And this time it's jewelry. Inspired by my newest bracelet (it's so pretty and cool,


It is no surprise that the blogs I like the most are those run by the masters of layering (Songofstyle to name one), I think layering is to an outfit what composition is to a painting. Sure, you can have a painting without composition, but it won't be a very good painting. Same goes for outfits, you can indeed never layer and look fine, but if you want to add substance layering is

Denim on denim

They say the only way to properly wear denim on denim is when you wear a denim shirt and jeans (or shorts) together. Remembering those Britney and Justin denim outfits I would have to say I agree. I hate being that person saying what you should and shouldn't wear, but just don't match too many denim items together. The results would not be so good. Or if you opt for paring denim

Vest on T-shirt

A little known fact about me is that I often get inspired by the looks I see in Vogue. Just kidding, it's actually not unknown, I think by now all of you know how much inspiration I get from magazines (among other sources). This time I saw a vest/T-shirt outfit that may be something we wore in primary school. Still, it looks so cool. If this combo is too nerdy for you, you can


Wearing watercolour print on clothes is one of my favourite things to do. Well, maybe not in the top 10 of my favourite activities, still very close. And it has to be a supper pretty watercolour print. Like this one. I wrote about this kimono (haori) before and it's one of my favourite kimonos. I often see how people are a bit confused when it comes to styling kimonos so I have a

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