How To Rock A Grandma's Closet Like A Pro?

I'm always on a hunt for good vintage pieces! My favorite place to look for them besides thrift stores is my grandmas closet. Grandma was a real shopaholic (and she still is) and I'm a big sucker for vintage stuff, so what can I say, it was a jackpot for me! I love browsing through her old stuff and you wouldn't believe how many of clothes there is! I wanted to write a small guide on how to rock grandmas (vintage or second hand) clothes like a real pro and to share with you few tips on thrift shopping. People often ...

The Ultimate Guide: How To Wear A Beret?

When you think of a beret first thing that crosses your mind are effortlessly chic Parisian girls! I'm glad that berets are back in the game. I never was a hat person and I was surprised how they fit me nicely! Hats tend to suit me weird because I have a big head. That's the reason I decided to write you a whole guide to how to wear a beret even if you aren't a hat person.Read more »

Fall Fashion (OOTD)

Hi guys!I think it's time for one fall inspired OOTD post.I spent most of October in Croatia, in my hometown Rijeka. The weather was sunny and warm and it was just perfect for taking long walks by the sea or the town's centre.Here is what I wore one Sunday, when my hubby, our little son and my Mum, went to Alfa Romeo car meeting, that took place at the centre of Rijeka.We had a lot of fun, and we stayed out and about for more than 5 hours!I wanted to wear something comfy, but trendy, so I opted for this ...

Going Back To Basics

When it comes to photography and styling, I think this is one of the most inspiring posts I ever made! I wanted to do something different, to cross the boundaries and bring fashion to the place where everything starts, nature! I wanted to connect these two and to create amazing content and I think I made it.Read more »

How To Find Inspiration For Blog Posts?

You'll admit that sometimes is really hard to find inspiration for writing blog posts. I always had a big pressure of writing amazing posts with a great value that are fun and interesting to read. That used to drive me crazy because that pressure was stopping me from creating amazing content. I learned how to completely ignore it and to stay focused to create content that I genuinely enjoy. That's when everything has changed!Read more »

Fall wishlist: Must have dresses for this season!

Hi guys!As I'm writing this post, I listen to the wind blowing wildly outside of my house. The colder days are here and the yellow, orange and red is the nature's favorite color of the moment. The leaves are falling from the trees and dancing in the air.This kind of atmosphere made me think about the fall fashion and the appropriate clothes I might add to my wishlist, to later on, add to my wardrobe.I made a quick stop at one of my fave on line fashion destination, FashionMia, and got inspired :-)I would like to share with you some ...

Stay Warm And Stylish During Winter

If you aren't a big fan of big and puffy jackets than this post is for you! I'm going to tell you how to stay warm and classy without wearing it. I've never really liked those puffy jackets. I didn't feel comfortable wearing them. That's why I learned how to stay warm and stylish without them. I'm not saying they aren't stylish, they just aren't my cup of tea. The only time you will see me in these big jackets is when I go skiing.Read more »

SheIn: Lovely coat

Ovaj kaputić ste mi vi pomogle izabrati i hvala vam! Zaista je super izbor. Nema rukave, ali je prilično topao, pa se ispod može obući kožna jakna, kako po rukama ne bi bilo hladno. Fin je za jesen i taj prelaz za zimu, ako već nosimo više slojeva. Ja ga nosim ovih poslednjih 10 dana i prezadovoljna sam. Danas sam ga čak testirala na blažoj kiši - nije se ukvasio odmah. Dugmići su zanimljivi - rose gold. Ono, baš je pun pogodak! You've helped me to pick this coat and thank you! It's really a great choice. It has no sleeves, but it's ...

The Golden Hour - Play Of Shadows

Since the day I started blogging about fashion I always use to think that taking pictures in the bright sun is a big no-no. I was worried that my skin is going to look very bad as well with the clothes. I was so wrong!Read more »

Vintage Blazer

Just when you thought I can't come up with any other vintage piece, I find this blazer! I mean look how beautiful it is. I found it at my grandma's closet together with the skirt. It looks so much like classic Chanel suit, I'm in love with it. It's a custom made and it fits me perfectly. It's funny to see how I found it now, when I started searching for suits.Read more »

Moodboard For Fall And Winter

I think I've never been more excited that Fall has arrived! I don't know if it's because I'm over the summer or because Fall is a perfect time for experimenting and playing with clothes. One thing is sure, I'm soo inspired and ready to rock all autumn and winter looks. There is going to be a lot of different and interesting content on the blog. I'm so happy with the fact that my style evolved, from cute girl to a vintage ladylike.  With that being said, I feel much more confident to try out new and different styles of clothing. Read ...

Things that I want from Zaful, right now!

Hi guys!As the days are getting colder, I'm thinking about warming up and I'm preparing my wardrobe for the colder weather. This means that I'm on a lookout for warm wool sweaters and winter jackets and coats.One thing I need to mention is that, since I became a Mum, I'm more oriented on on-line shopping. I don't have much time to visit regular stores, plus I don't like bringing my little child to the shopping malls (it's not the healthiest environment for babies!).One of those popular on-line fashion stores I always come back to is definitely ZafulI like it because ...

My Autumn Fashion Wishlist from Yoins

Hello guys!Many of you already know that I'm very fond of on line shopping (especially now that I'm a Mum, and don't have time to visit the local stores).I can find everything that I need on-line, at the comfort of my own home, at any hour of the day (or night). Also, I like the good deals one can find when shopping on-line.Another thing that I noticed is that often on-line stores will have newest arrivals and latest trends that regular stores are still waiting for to arrive.Yoins is one of those web stores I like to come back to.This place ...

Fashion wishlist (A/W 2017)

Jesen i zima su godišnja doba kad najviše nosim crnu odjeću i obuću i takvih komada imam najviše u svom ormaru na ”jesenskim i zimskim policama”. Dosadna sam sama sebi s crnom bojom pa ove godine želim nabaviti neke odjevne komade koji su žuti, crveni, bordo i maslinasto zeleni. Standardne jesenske boje, ali barem se … Nastavi čitati Fashion wishlist (A/W 2017)

Fashion wishlist (A/W 2017)

Jesen i zima su godišnja doba kad najviše nosim crnu odjeću i obuću i takvih komada imam najviše u svom ormaru na ”jesenskim i zimskim policama”. Dosadna sam sama sebi s crnom bojom pa ove godine želim nabaviti neke odjevne komade koji su žuti, crveni, bordo i maslinasto zeleni. Standardne jesenske boje, ali barem se … Nastavi čitati Fashion wishlist (A/W 2017)

Why I Gave Up On Having An Instagram Theme

 I'm never going to be a person with a perfect theme on Instagram. I tried it and I never NEVER managed to pull it off. Maybe I'm not that visual, but one thing is sure, I'm not going to beat myself over it! I just don't have it in myself. My goal is to inspire and teach others how to wear certain garments of clothing or how to take care of their skin. But I'll never teach you how to have a cohesive and simple theme on Instagram. I'm just not good at it and that's totally fine. No one should ...

H&M Trend

Hey guys! It's been a month since the last time I published a post. It's the biggest break I took from the blogging in a while! I missed it so much. My schedule was super busy from work and studying. I'm back now and you can expect a lot of interesting content.Read more »

It’s Shop O’Clock// ZAFUL Shopping

Sa kupaćim kostimima koje možete videti OVDE (jednodelni) i OVDE (dvodelni), ZAFUL paket je sadržao i jedan ručni sat u tamno sivoj, skoro crnoj boji. Dugo nisam nosila sat, još otkako mi se ispraznila baterija na nekom starom, pa me mrzelo da je promenim. Setila sam se da bi bilo lepo da imam bar nešto […]

NEW| Golden Rose ICE CHIC 105, 118 & 119

Golden Rose ICE CHIC lakovi za nokte stigli su mi pre par nedelja. Kada sam pogledala nijanse, prva reakcija je bila: Sedefasti lak, stvarno??  Oduševila sam se braon nijansom, a šljokičavu nisam nešto doživela, jer dobijam nervni slom kada treba da ih skidam. . U svakom slučaju, izazvao me je taj sedefasti lak i prvo […]

Vintage Black Hat? - Yes, please! || Zaful

Drage moje,Sa današnjim postom otvaramo sezonu jesen/zima 2017.  kojoj sam se toliko radovala. Napokon smo ispratili leto, vrele dane pune žege i cvetne dezene, koje sada stavljamo o klin, a ustupano mesto dugim rukavima, vunenim džemperima, šeširima i šalovima. Pa ćemo tako u današnjem postu pričati o jednom divnom šeširu koji je u poslednje dve sezone postao neiznostavni modni detalj.Šešir nam dolazi sa sajta Zaful. Šešir je uradjen od akrila, ako vam materijal nije poznat, u pitanju je isti onaj koji možete videti i kod naših kineza kada su u pitanju ovi zimsko - jeseni šeširi. Na dodir sam osetila da ...

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