Zaful Special Deals

ZAFUL WOMEN'S DAY SPECIAL PROMOTIONSWho run the world? Girls!!! We are in a time that it is great to be a woman. In the early centuries women were always deemed to be lower class in society and can't perform and enjoy equal rights with men. Though we must admit that there are still places in the world that women are being suppressed to reach full potential, but majority are exercising their rights and achieving their full capacities. It's still a long run but soon we will be able to achieve it. I am proud that I am a woman. I am ...

Rosegal Women's Day 2018 Gifts

Rosegal Women' s Day 2018 Gifts    Wonder Woman is a superhero comic book and movie adaptation that shows the equally powerful and strong aspects of a woman. It’s feminist and a showcase that what men can do, women can do also, sometimes even better. Of course, we shall deal with this subject beyond the superficial characteristics of the character. I know, she is beautiful like a goddess and have the body that can make any man fall for her. But beyond that, she’s intelligent, independent, strong, athletic and determined. Wonder Woman have a lot of qualities that one woman can ...

Rosegal Special Deals

Are you looking for special deals for Women’ s Day?Lots and big kisses beautiful ladies!  Today I bring to you a very special post. It is so important for me because I believe in powerful and strong women, like you and me, and one of my favorite online stores, Rosegal, made a beautiful campaign to support this lovely day: Rosegal Women’ s Day Special Promotions.  I am sure you are looking for the perfect look Spring but you don’t want to buy expensive clothes and you need to find special and awesome deals. If I am right, Rosegal ...

Essence Coast'n'Chill paleta za oči i obrve

Na kupovinu ove paletice odlučila sam se nakon što mi je Aleksandra (Još jedan blog) rekla da je vrlo dobra za obrve tj. da je te hladno-braon nijanse koje nama odgovaraju .. Kako je ova paleta bila limitirano izdanje, uspela sam da je uhvatim baš kada su u dm drogeriji ostali poslednji komadi, krajem prošle godine.Kao što možete da vidite, platila sam je 400 dinara što je za paletu od 12,32 grama skroz isplativo, karakteristično za Essence šminku. Regularna cena joj je bila 560 dinara.Plastična pravougaona kutijica je imala zaštitnu foliju, što uvek pohvaljujem.Kao što sigurno već znate, sam proizvod ...

Rosegal Giveaway

Play Lucky DrawWomen’ s day is soon here, and it’ s considered to be a Warm day for female. Rosegal has prepared the best gift sale to celebrate the Women's Day . No matter you're shopping for your sister, mother, friend or yourself. We've edited the most amazing gifts for you in this Women’ s Day promotion sale. In addition to this, We are planing a Lucky draw and play game for you guys.Use 100 points for a Super Surprise: (100 points=1 lucky draw chance) You will win Points, Coupons and Free Item.Please keep reading the game rules:Play Lucky draw1. 100 ...

How You Can Spend Less Dollars In Your Solitaire Engagement Rings?

We have already provided a quick studies on all you need to understand about diamonds. That isn't only the fundamental understanding a woman will need, 'coz you realize diamonds really are a girl's closest friend and all sorts of, but additionally you like a guy need to understand when purchasing something as costly like a Solitaire... you are spending enough money, which means you better get the buck's worth, right?You may be a woman who does not want her love to invest lakhs of his hard-earned cash on rose gold morganite engagement rings or perhaps a guy to whom it may be ...

Enjoy Fantastic Appearance With Natural Brazilian Hair

Extensions are very well known items that acquired wide acceptance among individuals those who are highly anxious to alter the look of them. They are stated is the best options that indeed focus on the requirements of all individuals who're fortunate with short hair but aim to increase its length. Furthermore, individuals who're looking for the very best curly style can certainly find Brazilian hair because the great choice on their behalf. It's stated is the most widely used option which has an growing demand among a lot of people. Besides, it's easily available for sale to be able to easily get ...

Nemiri, nemiri, kad gone

Nemiri, nemiri, kad gone. Po sred grudi ne daju predaha, titraju i koprcaju. Tu se duša muči i grlo suši, neće da stane.

Novi album Migosa za manje od šest nedelja dostigao platinasti tiraž!

Poslednjih nekoliko godina sastav Migos suvereno vladaju top listama. Od kada su prošle godine izdali album „Culture” postali su globalno priznati. Njihova numera "Stir Fry" bila je zvanična pesma tokom NBA All-Star vikenda i tada su nastupali uz čuvenog Farela, a nedavno su nastupili i u kultnoj emisiji "Saturday Night Live" zajedno sa čuvenim košarkašem Čarlsom Barklijem.  

SRETNEŠ JE - Vasko Popa

Njegove zbirke pesama čine jedan krug.Jedan je od najprevođenijih pesnika sa naših područja.Vasko Popa.Sretneš je na jednom sunčevom zrakuNa jedinom putu koji nekuda vodiOpasnost poigrava pred njomPokazuje joj karte sve teže i težeI svetove ljuljaOna ide sve lepša i lepšaSmeje seI osmehom ravnotežu održavaSretneš je i ne veruješI nikada nećeš verovatiDa si je sreo.

Catrice Noviteti Prolece/Leto 2018.

Pored Esssence noviteta, o kojima sam vam pisala prošle nedelje (čitaj OVDE), Essence-ov sestrinski brend Catrice nije čekao te je izbacio nove proizvode u isto vreme! U pitanju je više kolekcija i više različitih proizvoda, od kojih vam ja danas pričam o nečemu što do sada nismo vidjali često. Na prvom mestu Spectra Light lak […]

Proizvodi koje sam zamijenila kokosovim uljem

U posljednje vrijeme pokušavam što manje nagomilavati kozmetiku te u svoju rutinu ubaciti što vise prirodnih proizvoda. Nakon dosta čačkanja po internetu otkrila sam kako jako puno proizvoda mogu sama izraditi kod kuće i to sa vrlo malo sastojaka. Jedan od najčešće spominjanih sastojaka bio je kokosovo ulje po koje sam prvom prilikom otrčala u najbliži Dm. Ispostavilo se da je pravi mali dragulj a u nastavku ovog posta možete otkriti za što ga sve koristim. Kao što sam već spomenula, moje ulje je iz Dm-a. Teglica koju možete vidjeti na slici sadrži 220 ml hladno prešanog nerafiniranog ulja. Cijena koju ...

Zaful Summer Outfit Inspiration

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ A week and something ago there was still a temperature under 0. It was actually a few - °C and I felt like I would freeze every single time I left home. But for a few days now it has been quite warmer outside. Sometimes even WARM A LOT. I don´t mind spring and warm weather already coming. But what I really mind is this EXTREME change. From almost -15 to +15, it´s seriously crazy.On the other side I can´t say I´m not happy - actually I´m fond of the fact that it has been warmer outside recently. That is also why ...

Jeftina nega kože? Moguće je!

Svakodnevno na tržište izlaze nove kreme namenjene za dnevnu ili noćnu negu kože. Svaka od njih je efikasna i dobra, ali se u zavisnosti od proizvođača cene mnogo razlikuju, što izuzetno utiče na interesovanje za iste. Da bi se prevazišao ovaj problem nudim vam savršeno, jeftino i svima pristupačno rešenje - medicinski vazelin!

Trudnoća od A do Z i literatura za roditelje

Ovoga puta odlučila sam napisati post u kojemu ću napraviti popis linkova na sve o čemu sam pisala o trudnoći. U međuvremenu sam postove ažurirala tako da se nadam da će buduće mame i tate na mom blogu pronaći sve što ih zanima o trudnoći, a ovaj post neka bude tu kako bi se u svemu tome lakše snašli. Također sa strane se nalaze podkategorije, odnosno postovi grupirani po temama Trudnoća, Pripreme za bebin dolazak i Beba je stigla .4D ultrazvukAmniocentezaAnksioznost u trudnoćiAntibiotici u trudnoćiBabinjeBaby bluesBanka krvi iz pupkovineBolovi u križimaBolovi u leđimaBolovi u nogamaBoravak u rodilištu nakon porodaBrijanje na ...

Spring wishes x Zaful

Tiered Bowknot Faux Suede Mini Skirt * Frilled Floral Cold Shoulder Blouse * Empire Waist Spaghetti Strap Mini DressHello my lovely little licornes ~ A week and something ago there was still a temperature under 0. It was actually a few - °C and I felt like I would freeze every single time I left home. But for a few days now it has been quite warmer outside. Sometimes even WARM A LOT. I don´t mind spring already coming. But what I really mind is this EXTREME change. From almost -15 to +15, it´s seriously crazy.On the other side I can´t say I´m not happy - actually ...

Prom Dresses Trends of 2018

A-Line Crew Court Train Backless Pink Tulle Prom Dress with AppliquesBall Gown Off-the-Shoulder Lavender Tulle Appliques Prom Dress with FeatherBall Gown Halter Sweep Train Pink Tulle Prom Dress with AppliquesHello my lovely little licornes ~ In a few weeks or months, depending on each school or country, proms will be held. For some people, especially girls, prom is one of the most important occasions in their life. And since it´s a really huge fancy celebration, there is also a dress code included. Everyone knows, that top prom dresses are inevitable to attend an actual prom. That is why today I would like ...

VIDEO NEW IN | Nike. Bershka. Zoe Leggings.

Ovog puta nisam većinu plaće potrošila na makeup, iako bih možda to i željela no u posljednje vrijeme ju nekako više trošim na sportsku odjeću i dodatke.. da vam ne krenem s pričom o tome kako su dva dana nakon snimanja ovog videa došla 2kg proteina. Sve je jasno.Pa da vidimo što sam to sve kupila.

Deborah Milano: Perfest Smokey Eye palette

Hello, people of the internet! Znam, znam... zadnji post je bio prije mjesec dana. Vrijeme, tj. nedostatak istog, je glavni krivac za to, a ni nagomilane obaveze nisu nimalo pomogle. No, uspjela sam ugrabiti malo slobodnog vremena, te sam odlučila nastaviti niz recenzija o proizvodima koji sto godina čekaju svoj red. Danas je na red došla paletica od Deborah Milano pod nazivom Perfect

Najbolje knjige koje sam pročitala u 2017. godini

Knjige shvatam veoma ozbiljno. Možda je baš to razlog što mi je trebalo gotovo 3 meseca da odaberem svoje favorite i kompletiram ovaj tekst. Da li su ovo preporuke za čitanje odlučite sami, ali ja sam tu da sa vama podelim najbolja 3 dela koja sam pročitala 2017. godine. Napomena: kao što sam spomenula u […] The post Najbolje knjige koje sam pročitala u 2017. godini appeared first on According to Kristina.

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